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If you're new to boating, we can help you navigate everything from your PCOC to the best places in the region to visit.

Boating in the

Bay of Quinte

Navigating the shores around Prince Edward County has been a passion of many and here is where they'll share it with you!

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Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons have been providing safety training for boaters in Canada since 1931. The region's squadrons, Bay of Quinte - Prince Edward County - RCAF-Trenton, represent boaters from the region and connect them to courses provided.

If you're new to boating, the PCOC is your "license" to drive.

CPS-ECP courses focus on more than what you need to pass to get off the dock

Our programs focus on what you need to know to get back - safely.

Courses Available:

Scroll through the options to Trenton to find Boating 1 (PCOC) - currently online

Bay of Quinte (Belleville)

Belleville is at the centre of the Bay of Quinte region, nestled between the 401 corridor and Prince Edward County.

Prince Edward County

Known locally as "The County", Prince Edward nestles in the north eastern waters of Lake Ontario. The island is bordered on its north and eastern shores by the beautiful Bay of Quinte, Adolphus Reach and the Murray Canal, its southern and western shores remain open to Lake Ontario.

Well known for its hospitality, "The County" and its sheltered waters have much to offer those travellers in transit to Kingston and the Thousand Islands. Located approximately 2 hrs east by road from Toronto and one of the prime sailing and fishing areas of Lake Ontario there will always be a welcome for those who wish to make "The County" part of their vacation experience.

RCAF Trenton

Welcome! The RCAF Trenton Power & Sail Squadron makes its home at the Canadian Forces Base Trenton Yacht Club, and provides safe boating courses for both military and local civilians. A large number of Squadron members also belong to the Yacht Club, making it easy to coordinate and support both Squadron and Club activities.

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